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10 rib-tickling moments that made the IPL a laugh riot


The Indian Premier League or IPL is an annual carnival of cricketing genius featuring the best teams and players from across the world. However, it is far more than simply a cricket tournament. According to ipl news today, the event, organized by the Board of Control for Cricket in India or BCCI has provided a few hilarious moments over the years, which will be explored. From slip-ups on the field to funny things off it, the IPL guaranteed a good laugh to fans everywhere. Every comedy or hour of comic relief, whether it’s a dropped catch, a hilarious moment of celebration, or a riveting moment, made the matches that much more entertaining. So here are all the top funny Moment clips you may have missed during an IPL match or seen in IPL games over the years; so get ready to chortle.

  1. The infamous pie-chucker

One of the funniest moments in the history of IPL is the “Pie-Chucker” episode. The man who held the ball during this hilarious episode was a little-known cricket player named Manvinder Bisla. His performance was a real comedy: wayward serves, strange delivery, and the ball was not even close to hitting the wickets. Commentators and fans were laughing out loud. Thus, the moniker “Pie-Chucker” was given to Bisla to remember his weird appearance. The memorable over was played by this man during a 2011 IPL match, Kolkata Knight Riders versus Kings XI Punjab. It became a real hit on the internet and sparked the imagination of cricket fans from all over the planet with his absurdity.

  1. Dwayne bravo’s champion dance

The Champion Dance of Dwayne Bravo was a phenomenal display that transcended cricket and became a cultural phenomenon. The West Indian all-rounder’s dance moves after taking a wicket during the 2013 IPL season became a popular internet sensation, featuring audiences across the world. Bravo style’s champion steps and irresistible enthusiasm, the West Indian’s dance moves are electrifying and fun to view. Everyone, from spectators in the stands to Lorenzo, the arm at long-off, is seen laughing and dancing.

  1. The case of the vanishing cap

One of the funny and unforgettable moments of the 2018 IPL season was The Case of the Vanishing Cap. One of the best Indian all-rounders Hardik Pandya found himself in a funny situation when his cap disappeared under mysterious circumstances during a match. As the cameras hilariously showed Pandya searching for his cap desperately, he realized that his cap had actually flown off to get a ball in the field off his bowling. The fans immediately took to social media starting a string of memes and jokes regarding the missing cap of Pandya. The video from the pink cap incident also went viral.

  1. Chris Gayle’s casual stroll

West Indian battering ram, Chris Gayle, is well known for his aggressive batting as well as casual attitude on the cricket field. In this 2011 IPL match, even Gayle’s nonchalance was taken to another level as he wagged out while walking back to the pavilion. While teammates and bowler rejoiced at the wicket, Gayle grinned and sauntered off in front of the hatch, drawing laughter not only from the crowd but from the commentators as well.

  1. Virat Kohli’s animated celebrations

Firestarter – Virat Kohli is known for firing up his team and livening up the game with his cheerleading on the field. That said, during an IPL clash in 2016 against KKR, Kohli’s insane celebration of taking a catch went too far, literally. As he jumped in the air with an elbow pump and his loud scream, Kohli also collided with his teammate who was running to him. Both the players then tumbled over, which fans found hilarious.

  1. MS Dhoni’s wardrobe malfunction

Not even the calm and composed MS Dhoni was free from a laughter riot during the IPL. In 2018, when CSK played against Kings XI Punjab, Dhoni had his trousers zipper open while he was fielding in the middle of the game. Dhoni walked out to bat and the cameramen caught him with his fly open, alerting the social media experts to trouble him with a lot of memes and jokes.

  1. The pepsi swing debacle

An IPL “first” occurred in the 2013 season when a Pepsi swing left everyone laughing and in disbelief. In the game featuring Royal Challengers Bangalore against Pune Warriors India, the swing set up as part of a field promotional mission proved a shock. The Pepsi promotion train malfunctioned and went off, forcing players and umpires to avoid it. The IPL had its most distinctive and funniest incident ever.

  1. Rohit Sharma’s belly dance

Rohit Sharma, who is famous for his beautifully timed shots and calm composure when at the crease, sparked at an IPL game in 2015 thanks to an unusual celebration. When Sharma reached his century during an IPL game, he was greeted by his teammates on the boundary line. Sharma was unable to resist dancing and began a belly dance, bringing a smile to the faces of the crowd and other cricketers present.

  1. Gautam Gambhir’s heated argument

Gautam Gambhir, the former Indian opener, has a hot temper and does not know euphemisms. In 2013, during an IPL match, an argument broke out between the player and the umpire, the reason for which was the latter’s controversial decision. Throughout the disagreement, Gambhir gesticulated expansively and made exaggerated facial gestures. As a result, the fans burst into laughter, and a second later, the Indian meme life began developing, with users posting photos of a screaming Gambhir and pasting funny texts and jokes.

  1. The mankad controversy

Mankad, in the 2019 IPL season, was one of the dozens of controversies that transformed into a viral hilarious event. In the match between Kings XI Punjab and Rajasthan Royals, Punjab’s captain R Ashwin had run out RR’s Jos Buttler at the non-striker’s end, a subject of many debates and doubts regarding the spirit of cricket. The fans, however, made a meme of the incident and created numerous jokes related to it, making it a joyful event in IPL’s history.


The funny moments I have shared above have not only lightened the IPL but have contributed to its charisma and attraction. As per ipl news today live, they go on to demonstrate that cricket, like anything else, could be humorous and entertaining. As a fan, I am sure there will be more of this kind in the future. A good chuckle now and then is good for health and relieves stress.

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