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Checklist for Maintaining Air Conditioner


Take charge of your air conditioner. There are certain residences where the indoor air pollution is two to five times higher than the outdoor air pollution. You must maintain your air conditioning equipment since indoor air pollution can exacerbate respiratory and cardiac conditions. You need to take some actions to maintain the best possible condition for your air conditioner. This is an exhaustive list of all the things you have to accomplish.

Alternate the Air Filters

You may reduce your air conditioner’s energy usage by 5% to 15% by replacing its air filter, which can result in power bill savings of thousands of dollars. You must inspect your filter once a month. Take the filter out of your air conditioner and place it next to a lamp. If the light is not seen through the filter, it is clogged and has to be replaced. A replacement filter should be a replica of your previous one; putting in a different size or shape might let dirt and hair into your air conditioning system. Professionals at a/c colorado springs, co can install filters for you if you’re having problems.

Secure All Electrical Wires

Your thermostat is not the only component of your air conditioning system that is electrically powered. Make sure all other parts are connected after inspecting your thermostat. Before tightening the electrical connections, turn off the electricity. Use tools and put on rubber gloves to avoid touching wires with your naked hands.

Examine the Lines for Refrigerant

Your air handling unit and external condenser include your refrigerant lines. Your refrigerant lines may be leaking or blocked if your air conditioner is set to chill but you still experience hot air. Examine your tubes by going to your compressor and outside the condenser. Place them in the space between the compressor and your air handler.  Don’t touch your lines for your safety. If you see ice on the lines, contact hvac repair knoxville tn technician right once.

Have Your Evaporator Cleaned

The coil could be connected to your furnace or housed within your air handler. Examine your evaporator with a light to make sure it is free of cracks, bends, and holes. Repair professional contact if you detect any issues. Refrigerant leaks from your evaporator might harm your unit. Although these coils may be cleaned, it’s advisable to have a professional do this work.

Maintain the Level of Your AC Unit

Your air conditioner may shatter or separate from your home if the earth beneath it moves. Verify that the AC unit is level and parallel to the floor. It’s acceptable to set your unit on pads, but the pads must remain in place. To keep them from shifting, you can add concrete or rocks. You should discuss maintaining the stability of your unit with an AC specialist if it begins to tile.

In summary

Even if you meticulously follow an air conditioner maintenance checklist, your AC unit will ultimately break. A yearly appointment for air conditioner maintenance is recommended. You could require two or more sessions as your AC ages. Have your complete unit inspected by an expert, and let them know about any issues you have encountered.

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